The Cannabis Lounge

We started the Music Blog ” The Cannabis Lounge ” to put New Artist, Unsigned Hype and the Artist who invest into their dreams.  Up and Coming talent is the focus along with seasoned street vets with a bird’s eye view of the game through experience.  Youtube media featuring the Artist performing a single with a mixtape or itunes links below the videos is a no brainer. In this world of instant on and off, these two pieces of land are connected now, for major real estate development from the Artist.  So people feel that just their friends and online followers knowing about there Projects were steam enough for there locomotive. Which is simply not true, for Up and Coming Artist and undeveloped talent you should get your project into as many ears as humanly possible!  It seems right this second that record companies are not throwing money into these Rap Projects anymore and contacts are a thing of the past.  Your brand must have steam to get noticed and fake Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter followers arent the way. Create a formula and may you have success in the industry.


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