Redman and Snoop High on Mt. Kushmore GGN (VIDEO)

Redman stops by Double G News to talk with Nemo Hoes about funk in rap, the marijuana movement, Mt. Kushmore, Muddy Waters 2 and Roy Jones, Jr. Oh and can’t forget this week’s Stormy Fronts (@chanelurban). Only on this much-anticipated episode of GGN you-fawnky-bietch-yewwwwww!

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GGN Snoop & Big Sean talk about Hotel Smoking etiquette, the D & true players (VIDEO)

Big Sean drops by to talk about his career, upcoming projects and how to smoke out a hotel room like a professional. Oh… and Stormy Fronts randomly explodes.

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28 Strains in a Day – Must See (VIDEO)

n this EPIC episode, Theweedguy is puffing down the entire menu at iMedikate
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28 Awesome Strains:
Mike’s Purple Bubba
Vanilla Kush
VIP rockstar
Blueberry northern lights
Purple Daze
Chronic Kush
VIP Green Crack
Grape God
Canucks OG
Papa Kush
Papa painkiller
Bubba daze
Super OG
VIP diesel
Purple Hindu Kush
Kosher Kush
Blueberry grapefruit
Sweet Tooth
Bubble Brittle
Rockstar Kush
Pine tar
Special Kush

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